Wise sayings 

German version   Hallo! Hi! Salut! (about Learning)

wise sayings


1. He who has created a picture of luck, will not recognize luck, if it crosses his way and does not match his picture. (?/Sven)

Applies also to the " dream woman "?

2. The true optimists are not convinced that everything will go well, but they are convinced that not everything can go wrong. (?/Tassilo)


3. Each loved item is the center of paradise . (Novalis/woko)

And what about humans?

4. Happiness is not that you can do everything you want, but that you always want, what you do. (Tolstoi/woko)


5. Each stroke, our rage causes, will hit us in the end. (W. Penn/woko)

Hate eats you up and usually causes little trouble on the hated person's side.

6. All cruelty rises from weakness . (Seneca/woko)


7. It is better to often contradict oneself than often repeat oneself. (F. Bondy/woko)

Everything changes, everything is flowing. Pantha rhei.

8. Life is drawing without the correction option of the eraser. (O. Kokoschka/woko)

or  without the correction option of the PC keyboard

9. History is almost only about bad people, who were spoken good of later on. (Nietzsche/woko)

in general, "history" is only about the "big ones" and never the "small ones"

10. Courage is often only a lack of insight, while the so- called cowardice is based on a distinct sense of facts. (Jouvenel/woko)


11. You must act in such a way that your goal comes to meet you. (Th. Fontane/woko)

likewise concerning cash, love, etc.

12. People complain so much with every pain and are pleased so rarely, if they do not have any pain. (Lichtenberg/woko)

positive things are accepted as a matter of fact; teachers usually mark only the errors, and rarely praise the correct and good passages

13. Sincerity is probably the boldest form of bravery. (William S. Maugham/woko)

Courage to the truth

14. An apology is a good means to have the last word. (Peter E. Schumacher/woko)

Admitting an error is difficult, it requires a high self-confidence

15. You cannot throw habits out of the window. You must throw them down the stairs, step by step. (M. Twain/woko)

Getting rid of a bad habit is a lengthy process

16. Whoever travels even around the whole world, in order to look for the beautiful, will only find it, if he carries it in himself. (R. W. Emerson/woko)

that also applies to joy, well-being, peace, etc.

17. Beauty lies within the eye of the viewer. (?/woko)

applies also to other things and sounds, much more beautiful than "... is matter of taste"

18. The modest ones are terrible: they do not require, they do not grant, either (P. Hille/woko)

he who cannot hate cannot love, either, what is really bad is being indifferent, uninterested?

19. Each human can do everything - however must be ready for everything, as well. (A. Mahler Mahler-Werfel/woko)   or:  The secret of the being able is being willing. (G. Mazzini/woko)

the basic principle of the "think positive" - movement; or: whoever says "I cannot" often means "I want not"; whoever says "I want" often means "I cannot"

20. Everything that establishes peace for your life, is the most important thing existing. (A. McDowell/woko)   


21. Everything that one really has, is the Here and Now. The past is gone, and whatever there will bein the future , nobody knows. (TV/woko)


22. To influence the quality of a day, that is the highest of all arts. (Thoreau/woko)


23. Life is a journey - travel it well! (tourism advert/woko)


24. Everyone is the smith of his luck. (German proverb)

Engl: Everyone is the architect of his own future.

25. Life is what you make it. (Songtitle/woko)


26. Also the farthest way begins with the first step. (Postcard/woko)


27. Forgetting and suppressing create rest, but no peace. (TV/woko)


28. Only if you are interested in others, you are interesting for others. (Tips on learning languages/woko)


29. Who asks, leads. (?/woko)


30. One does not see scars of the soul. (booktitle/woko)


31. Most humans are as happy, as they want to be. (A. Lincoln/woko)


32. Remember that what pulls you to and fro like on invisible strings is hidden inside yourself. (M. Aurel/woko)

look, how the old Romans already Freud-ed! There is actually never really anything completely new invented or discovered? It is at the most just a combination of a well-known matter?

33. To be natural, is the most difficult pose one can take. (O. Wilde/woko)


34. One acquires the feeling of health only by illness. (Lichtenberg/woko)


35. That the world is bad, is a complaint, which is as old as history. (I. Kant/woko)


36. Everything will be alright in the end, if it is not alright then it is not the end. (?/~Z~ from CDN)


37. We are so used  to pretend before others that we pretend at the end before ourselves. (La Rochefoucauld/woko)


38. Everybody's friend is nobody's friend. (? /woko)

One cannot please everybody ... Who has no "profile", makes himself suspicious, is mistrusted.

39. Even a small person can change the run of the things. (from: Lord of the rings? /woko)

a grain of sand in a transmission

40. How much the use of force one adapts resembles what one is trying to fight ... (J. Fischer /woko)


41. Terrorism lives not from the act, but from the reaction to it. (Darmstädter Echo/ woko)

(nice online translation of "Darmstädter Echo", the local daily of Darmstadt: Intestine town-dweller echo) !

42. A person almost never becomes reasonable from reason. (Montesquieu/woko)                                    


43. Distraction is the pleasure of those who are afraid of themselves. (A. Pope/woko)


44. Happy is the people whose history reads boringly. (Montesquieu/woko)


45. It is absolutely possible that somebody has less intelligence, but more reason than us. (A. Strindberg/woko)


46. Responsibility, this unloved sister of the freedom... (U. Böschemeyer/woko)  or: Liberty means responsibility; that is the reason, why most humans are afraid of it. (G. B. Shaw/woko)

rights and duties

47. One is treated by others, as one wants to be treated. (Woko)

every people has the government it deserves

48. " She is a much better friend - she does not try to change you. " (TV film / woko)

(she loves you the way you are); one cannot be one's partner's, a teacher cannot be his or her pupils' psychotherapist.

49. From what do you actually want to distract, by drawing so much attention on this thing? (Woko)

presenting one's car at the mandatory car inspection with a faulty exhaust system      

50. There is no second chance for the first impression. (TV film /woko)


51. Illusions never change into something real(Song / woko) 

maybe they should not anyway - otherwise they would easily become "disillusions"

52. One cannot heal a patient, who considers himself healthy. (H. F. Amiel/woko)

you can't heal a healthy person, either, who considers himself ill  (with best regards from Moliere)

53 Truths rank like the brilliants according to the number of their facets. (R. A. Schroeder/woko)


54. Happiness is the state, in which one does not have a longing after modification. (L Rathenow/woko)


55. One can close the eyes only before facts, but not before memories. (S. J. Lec/woko)


56. An interesting soliloqui presuppose an intelligent partner. (H. G. Wells/woko)


57. Prejudices die quite slowly, and one can never be sure never that they are really dead. (J. Romains/woko)


58. Money, the master of all things, often knows how to make Yes out of No. (H. A. Abschatz/woko)


59. Whatever is natural, never is dishonourable. (Euripides/woko)


60. The understanding listener is the obstetrician of my thoughts. (Ch. Tschopp/woko)


61. The safest wealth is the poverty at needs. (F. Werfel/woko)   or:  One becomes rich only by the things, which one does not desire. (M. Ghandi/woko)


62. We are not only responsible for what we do, but also for what we do not do. (Moliere/woko)


63. Who considers himself too important for small functions, is mostly too small for important functions. (J. Tati/woko)


64. Ideas are not responsible for what humans make from them . (W. Heisenberg/woko)


65. The future is our shirt, but the present is our skin. (E. Ionesco/woko)


66. A friend is one, in front of whom I am allowed to think loud. (R. Emerson/woko)


67. Thoughts are speeches with oneself. (I. Kant/woko)


68. Some are in favour of the truth, as long as the truth is in favour of them . (Ch. Tschopp/woko)


69. Our opponents are teachers, who do not cost us anything. (F. de Lesseps/woko)   or: There is frequently good advice coming from your enemy. (Aristophanes/woko)


70. Nothing is sadder than the death of an illusion. (A. Koestler/woko)


71. Don't pray unless you believe God will answer. (?/shani)


72. Be happy with what you have while working for what you want. (?/shani)


73. Celebrate even small victories. (?/shani)


74. Life's most treasured moments often come unannounced. (?/shani)


75. Never marry someone in hope that they'll change. (?/shani)


76. Believe in the unsaid, for the silence of men is nearer to truth than their words. (?/shani)


77. The best vision is insight. (?/shani)


78. Human rights begin in neighbourhood, school and workplaces where everyone seeks justice, opportunity and dignity. (?/shani)


79. Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and mis -guided men. (?/shani)


80. When you see a good man, try to follow his example, and when you see a bad man, search yourself for his faults. (?/shani)


81. Three responses:
- Let's make it happen.
- It can't happen.
- What happened?  

Which is yours? (?/shani)


82. What counts is how much you put into the hours, not the hours you put in. (?/shani)


83. Coincidence is a word without sense. Nothing can exist without a cause. (Voltaire/woko)


84. The more humans proceed according to plan, the more coincidence might hit them. (F. Duerrenmatt/woko)


85. An idea is a stuck thought. (H. Bergson/woko)  


86. One does not live, if one does not live for something. (R. Walser/woko) ***


87. Not your arguments convince; you convince. (Ch. Tschopp/woko)


88. How often one needs the opinion of the others, in order to have one's own. (A. Dumas/woko)


89. One does not know, what enough is, before one knows, what more than enough is. (W. Blake/woko)


90. Who tolerates being insulted deserves it. (Corneille/woko)


91. Talent is a great gift, which lacks the courage to turn into a genius. (G. Depardieu/woko)

92. In isolation one learns to listen to himself. (A. Schweitzer/woko)


93. Humans do not stumble over mountains, but over mole hills. (Konfuzius/woko)


94. Abhorrence of a thing has never been the key to its understanding. (H. v. Doderer/woko)


95. One can convince humans only of their own opinions. (Ch. Tschopp/woko)


96. There is many religions, but only one moral. (J. Ruskin/woko)


97. We are frightened of our own sins, if we see them on others. (Goethe/woko)


98. The most beautiful thing in life is not fulfilment, but the expectation of fulfilment. (A. Magnani/woko)


99. With his most precious property, time, humans deal most wastefully. (H. Laxness/woko)


100. Happiness is at its peak, if humans are ready to be that which they are. (Erasmus/woko)

101. It is foolish to treat luck in such a way as if one had a claim on it. (S. de Madariaga/woko)    
102. He who considers himself limited with insight, is next to perfection. (Goethe/woko)
103. Some become shameful by large praise, the others impudent. (F. Nietzsche/woko)
104. Force lives on the fact that it is not considered possible by decent people. (J. P. Sartre/woko)
105. None is wise, who does not know the dark. (H. Hesse/woko) Is Hesse's dark the evil or the mental distress?
106. He who lives without stupidities, is not so intelligent, as he believes. (La Rochefoucauld/woko)
107. A man is old, if he wakes up in the morning without a desire. (E. Ferrari/woko) a man or any human? (false translation of "uomo"?) - or is it different with women?
108. Children and clocks may not permanently be wound but one must also let them go. (Jean Paul/woko)
109. Modesty is the only safe bait, if you fish for praise. (Ph. Chesterfield/woko)  or:  Rejecting praise means wishing to be praised twice. (La Rochefoucauld/woko) "fishing for compliments"
110. He who does not have a future, talks about his past. (F. Luwein/woko) not only elder people, but also such, who are in a phase of separating, do that!
111. One must take liberty oneself, it is not given to anyone. (M. Oppenheim/woko)
112. Imaginary fear is ever larger than real fear. (T. Williams/woko) Psychologists differentiate between "fear" (real, e.g. of a lion) and "anxiety" (of something unreal, mentally exaggerated, imagined, also of fright itself!)
113. One is mature if one does not trick oneself any longer. (H. von Doderer/woko)
114. Usually only the loss instructs us about the value of things. (A. Schopenhauer/woko) applies also to humans!
115. Humor comforts humans about what they are in reality. (A. Camus/woko) now, there are still many other comforters(however, at present - in view of the comedy show boom - humor - or whatever one regards as it - seems to be "in" ...
116. Laziness is the hunger for duration, constancy and eternity. *** (H. Kersten/woko)
117. Words are like X-rays, if one applies them correctly. (A. Huxley/woko)
118. Make a people believe that it governs, and it can be governed. (W. Penn/woko)
119. With most people memories of the past weaken the energy in the fight for the present and in the hope for the future. (M. Gorki/woko)
120. Love is what remains, after the fire of falling in love went out. (Film:Pelagia/woko)
121. Humans would like to be treated as subjects and treat others as objects. (G. Voltella/woko)
122. If advertising is not successful, the commodity should be modified . (E. Faure/woko)
123. The utmost luck of humans is the release of fear. (W. Rathenau/woko) or of anxiety
124. Truth never hurts the one who speaks it. (Lichtenberg/woko)
125. We all err, only everyone errs differently. (Lichtenberg/woko)
126. By reason, however not by force one is to lead humans to the truth. (D. Diderot/woko)
127. " The good old times " were the cause of the bad new one. (Ch. Tschopp/woko)
128. We are still in front of the door, behind which the great responses are waiting. (A. Miller/woko)
129. Nothing is true without its opposite. (M. Walser/woko)
130. When giving advice, try to help your friend, not, to please him. (Solon/woko)
131. A public opinion poll among lions resulted in: The majority rejects the cage, however, requires a regulated food supply . (E. R. Hauschka/woko)
132. One is young, as long as one can enjoy the delightful contrasts between the familiar and the unknown. (H. Nicolson/woko)
133. We owe progress to the naggers. Content humans do not require modification. (H. G. Wells/woko)
134. Among humans there are many more copies than originals. (P. Picassso/woko)
135. It's always time humans get along worst. (B. Strauss/woko) that does not only refer to the unpunctual; but also to problems with scheduling, organization and above all making the most of one's time. Many humans live, as if they still had further back-up lives in their cabinet (as with some computer games)
136. The more is permitted, the more boring the permitted becomes . (Th. Wilder/woko) or: "forbidden fruits taste sweetest"
137. Empathy is the name for the gift not to judge others by oneself. (A. Malraux/woko) how often we judge others by ourselves(also with jealousy!); how often we set our yardsticks with others, also in world politics (e.g. human rights)
138. Admiration is deeply cooled love. (F. Sagan/woko) 
139. One is beautiful only if one is human. (J. Anouilh/woko)
140. Dissatisfied humans find no comfortable chair. (B. Franklin/woko)
141. Pay attention to your thoughts - they will become words. (?/shanaya36)
142. One must try the impossible, in order to achieve the possible. (Lord Byron/woko)
143. It is bad to notice that one does not have friends, only if one is in need of friends. (Plutarch/woko)
144. The life tatoos us, without us noticing it. (G. Greene/woko)
145. Intelligence is the ability to accept one's environment. (W. Faulkner/woko)
146. The worst with inferiority complexes is that the false people have them. (A. Delon/woko) (genuine) sensitivity is in proportion with intelligence?
147. Love of life is more important than wealth. What are brilliants good for, which sparkle on a withered skin? (J. Greco/woko)
148. Ideas are the muscles of the brain. (A. Moravia/woko)
149. There are two types of mishap: our own bad luck and the luck of the others. (N. Paryla/woko)
150. It is noble to be good. It is still nobler to teach others  to be good. And easier. (M. Twain/woko)
151. Roam in the crowd, so that isolation appeals to you again. (Plinius sen./woko)
152. The desire is the dream of the waked. (R. Wiggins/woko)
153. Civilization is movement, not state, is journey, not harbour. (A. J. Toynbee/woko)
154. Vacation without cease would be a good training for the stay in hell. (G. B. Shaw/woko)
155. Humans, who never have time, do least. (Lichtenberg/woko)
156. Today is the first day of my remaining life. **(Film/Sticker/woko) 
157. The largest enemy of the right is the privilege. (M. v. Ebner Ebner-Eschenbach/woko)
158. Which kind of customs are those, which are no more  used, but must be maintained ! (H. Moser/woko)
159. Determination: Stubbornness, which we approve of. (A. Pierce/woko)
160. Few humans think, but want to decide all. (Friedrich d. Grosse/woko)
161. The richer you are in judgements, the poorer you will be in prejudices. (H. Miller/woko)
162. The desire is a will, which does not take itself quite seriously. (R. Musil/woko)
163. Consider something impossible, and it will lead to it. (Th. Fuller/woko)
164. He who wants to improve the world, can begin with himself right away. (Pearl S. Buck/woko)
165. Humans are as tolerant, as they must; and as intolerant, as they may. (Ch. Tschopp/woko)
166. The same way a well used day brings lucky sleep, a well used life brings a lucky death. (L. da Vinci/woko)  or: Live life to the full. (?/shanaya69)  or: How long I will live, does not depend on me. However, whether I really live, as long as I am, depends on me. (Seneca/woko)
167. Most humans do not think with their reason, but with their desires and fears. (H. Laxness/woko)
168. The genius walks through walls and gets sore spots at air. (A. Polgar/woko)
169. Wise humans do not look for what is missing to them, but enjoy, what they have. (R. Smullyn/woko)

170. Dead saints are adored, living ones are pursued. (E. Howe/woko)

babel fish translation: Admired, those will become alive pursued the dead holy ones.
171. There is nothing permanent except for modification. (Heraklit/woko)
172. To travel with hope is better than  to reach the destination. (R. L Stevenson/woko) or: ... to achieve the goal
173. I always found the so called  bad people win , if one gets them to know closer, and the good ones lose. (Lichtenberg/woko)
174. In order to see clear, a change of the line of sight is often sufficient. (A. de Saint Saint-Exupery/woko) or: ... a change of the point of view
175. Love the truth, but forgive mistakes. (Voltaire/woko)
176. Trust those, who look for the truth, and distrust  those, who found it. (A. Gide/woko)
177. Luck is the most pleasant type of  coincidence. (W. Mitsch/woko)
178. Justice is right of the weaker one. (J. Joubert/woko) as a counterpart for the "right of the stronger one"
179. Be in company of good humans carry, and you will become one of them. (Cervantes/woko) applies surely accordingly to bad company
180. One must do always somewhat for the first time. (G. Stein/woko)
181. Discussing with fanatics, is like playing rope pulling with an opposing crew, which bolted its rope end around a thick tree. (H. Kaspar/woko) cf: one cannot discuss with addicts (their addiction)
182. A self-confident society can stand many fools. (J. Steinbeck/woko) cf: self-confident humans also stand fun about themselves
183. Not what we see, however the way we see, determines the value of the seen things.  (B. Pascal/woko)
184. It is more difficult to modify one's opinion than to keep it. (F. Hebbel/woko)
185. Everybody makes experiences, few learn from it. (Th. Wilder/woko)
186. All revolutions have proved so far only one thing: i. e. that much can be modified, except for humans. (K. Marx/woko)
187. Much in the world gets broken without any noise. **(J. Giraudoux/woko)
188. That is the whole misery: The fools are that self- confident, and the clever ones that full of doubts. (B. Russell/woko)
189. One must know the destination earlier than the course. (J. Paul/woko)
190. The more modern humans depart from nature, the more they fancy it. (H. Laxness/woko)

the more pets they keep?

and: it applies to other things, as well

191. Nobody means only what he says, and only very few say, what they think. (G. Tabori/woko) 
192. A picture is a poem without words. (Cornificius/woko)
193. He who knows others is scholarly, he who knows himself, is wise. (Laotse/woko)
194. He who thinks about love, does not love any more. (A. v. Kotzebue/woko)
195. The best reformers, the world has ever seen, are those, who start with themselves. (G. B. Shaw/woko)
196. Each human welcomes progress, as if it was a drug, without thinking of the consequences. (K. Edschmidt/woko)
197. Strength does not rise from physical force, but from an unbending will. (M. Ghandi/woko)
198. He who makes known the fact that he guards a secret already half betrays it . (J. de la Bruyere/woko)
199. In the longest peace humans do not speak so much nonsense and untruth as in the shortest war. (J. Paul/woko)
200. When an aera is ripe for a change, no human power can prevent this change. (G. Marzini/woko)

201. Nothing is believed as firmly as what we know to few. (M. de Montaigne/woko)
202. Who does not run, never arrives at the target. (J.G.Herder/woko)
203. By mental strength we can control that, which towers above us in physical. (anti-phons / woko)
204. The strength is not missing to humans. The will is missing to them. (V. Hugo / woko)
205. Which is not eternal, is not real also. (M. de Unamuno / woko)
206. The future is the excuse all that one, which does not want to do anything in the present. (A. Ayckbourn / woko)
207. If a linkage between man and woman should be really interesting, it must interconnect to benefit, memory and longing. (S. Chamfort / woko) present, past, future?
208. For free humans threats are ineffective. (Cicero / woko)
209. The act is all, nothing the fame. (Goethe / woko)
210. The confidence, which we have to us even, causes the major part of the confidence, which we set into others. (La Rochefoucauld / woko) applies also to love?
211. If each humans suspected, of like many he checks up becomes! (E. Canetti / woko)  
212. One must live with its enemies, since one cannot have everyone to the friend. (A. de Tocqueville / woko) which one must do, should one try gladly to do?
213. The worst all error is to be conscious no such. (Th. Carlysle / woko)
214. the attempt to carry out the sky on ground connection always produced hell. (K. Popper / woko)
215. The Glaeubige, which never doubted, becomes hardly a Zweifler bekehren. (M. v. Ebner-Eschenbach / woko)
216. A master of the Beredsamkeit is that, the all necessary one says and only this. (La Rochefoucauld / woko)
217. There are humans, who dress also internal, as it heischt the mode. (B. Auerbach / woko)
218. Nobody is free, which is not over itself gentleman. (M. Claudius / woko)
219. Obligation is what one does not expect from others - what one does. (O. Wilde / woko)
220. Idealism is the ability to see humans in such a way how they could be, if they like that were not, as they are. (C Goetz / woko)
221. It is beautiful to meet the eyes of that to which one just gave something. (La Bruyere/woko)
222. Everyone has stupid thoughts - only to the way conceals is. (W. Busch/woko)
223. Humans are more similar their time than their fathers. (H. L Fleischer/woko)
224. Is stupid, who does not notice it. (CH Tschopp/woko)
225. The progress is not a branch, but going. (A. France/woko)
226. History is to weight not the memory, but illuminate the understanding. (Lessing/woko) against swotting years
227. Moralists are to be interfered humans, who refuse themselves against each pleasure, except that one, into the pleasure of other humans. (B. Russell/woko)
228. The heading is that part of our body, which stands to us most frequently in the way. (G. Laub/woko)
229. The secret of the unfortunate unity lies above it in thinking whether one is lucky or not. (G. B. Shaw/woko)
230. If there were only the reason and no passion were, mankind already for a long time become extinct. (H. Miller/woko) or: Who only points is, a sad life leads. (Voltaire)
231. Nor between either and or some Straesslein leads. (Scheffel/woko) against black and white thinking, property or bad thinking; Friend-or-enemy-thinks
232. Faith is certainty without proof. (H.-F. Amiel/woko)
233. One cannot overhaul anybody, if one steps into its Fussstapfen. (F. Truffaut/woko)
234. In the liberty there are restrictions, but no boundaries. (Ll. George/woko)
235. The world is filled with so many things that we should be lucky like kings. (R.L.Stevenson/woko)
236. From two evils select none. (Ch.H.Spurgeon/woko)
237. Nothing is inevitable, before it did not occur. (G.Mann/woko)
238. It is better to discuss a problem to decide without deciding it, than it without it to have discussed. (J.Joubert/woko) rather the " German method " seems to be; and additionally: It gives to be met decisions, those fast must
239. The more largely the state, the smaller the individuals, who educate it. (G. Kaiser/woko)
240. The future is always an adventure. (A.Huxley/woko)
241. Where a will is, also a way (?/woko) is basis of positive thinking
242. It became unpopular to place itself clearly on a page because you lose the others thereby. (H.Lauterbach/woko)
243. In the policy it does not concern at all to be right to keep but right. (K.Adenauer/woko)
244. One is to balance and not count the voices. (F. Schiller/woko) quality before quantity or: See exactly, who Hurra walk
245. Modification, is it by duration to be, must in small steps to be concerned. (H.G.Lerner/woko) evolution instead of revolution
246. One must do to its body of property, so that the soul has desire to live in it. (W.Churchill/woko)
247. Each fear of something is the secret desire for it. (TV;woko) fear = negative wish


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